Established in 2009, Paranormal Researchers Of Fredericton is a non-profit group who volunteer their time researching, experimenting, and documenting paranormal phenomena and other metaphysical activity. PROF also conducts investigations in private residences and commercial properties throughout the Maritimes.

A dedicated team of 3 individuals who all come from different backgrounds, PROF look to help clients understand their alleged paranormal activity. Their first steps will always be to remove all potentially logical variables and determine if the reported activity can be explained naturally. PROF bring professionalism and integrity into each case and always ensure the client’s confidentiality with priority in respecting the needs and wishes of all parties involved. PROF also supplies their information free of charge.

Investigation FAQ

What happens when I contact PROF? You will receive a response from their friendly and courteous case manager who will work with you to schedule an interview at your convenience.

What happens at the interview? The interview will be an opportunity for you to share your story. They will ask you about what you have experienced, sometimes the interviewee may wish to give a tour of the space where the incidents occurred. Interviews may also take place in a public area if you would feel more comfortable. If need be, following the interview should both parties wish to continue, a date/time will be set for an investigation to take place.

What can I expect during an investigation? it will be up to the client to determine if they wish to be present during the investigation. PROF will bring in their equipment and try to document any form of paranormal activity.

What happens after the investigation? Once the investigation is complete PROF will meet with the client for a debriefing, during which they will disclose all findings.

Will others know that I participated in an investigation? PROF signs confidentially agreements with all their clients. PROF gives them full control over what information and/or findings they are allowed to disclose the investigation.

How much does PROF charge for their services? PROF is a non-profit and will never ask anyone to pay for services. They are only interested in opportunities to hear experiences and conduct paranormal investigations.

What can I expect from the PROF team? Expect a team of highly professional people dedicated to researching paranormal activity and who are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience. They pride themselves on establishing rapport with the clients by listening to their experiences without prejudice. They treat every property as if it were their own, and when they complete the investigation there will be no signs that they were even there!

Contact PROF with any specific questions!